Black Eagle Outfitters is located in Farmingdale Maine, in Southern Kennebec County. We have thousands of acres of private and public land available for hunting. We specialize in archery big game hunting for black bear, moose, whitetail deer and eastern turkey in Maine.

Our black bear hunts are in the beautiful White Mountain area of Maine near the New Hampshire border. Maine is well known for having the highest density of black bears in the lower 48 states. We have hunted the bears in this area for years with excellent results.

Moose hunts are by permit only. Maine moose hunters enjoy excellent success rates. Should you be drawn for a permit, we have the experience and equipment you need to harvest and properly care for your moose. Our success rate is 100%. We have access to hunt on thousands of acres of private property where we can show you the moose you want.

Maine has always been known for big bucks. The deer herd over the last few years has grown steadily and is now estimated at over 300,000. Farmingdale and the surrounding area is well known for its high density of whitetail deer. The area we hunt whitetail deer is on private property consisting of food plots as well as hardwood ridges and small apple orchards. We have harvested countless deer in this area over the years and you can to. Most of the hunting is done in an area designated by the state as the expanded zone for bow hunters. In these areas, the deer populations are thriving almost to the point of over population. There is opportunity to take more than one deer on these hunts.

Our wild turkey population has strongly increased over the years; Maine is now one of the secret hot spots for wild turkey. While hunting turkey, you will hear them gobbling all around on the roost early in the morning. You will see toms strutting in the fields for the hens. These hunts are very exiting and there is nothing like harvesting a turkey with your bow. Spring turkey hunting is done from ground blinds using calls and decoys. If you are a newcomer to the sport, I can do the calling for you. More experienced hunters may want to do their own calling. For many hunters, nothing matches the sights and sounds of a flock of turkeys at daybreak or the thrill of successfully calling in and bagging a huge gobbler.